Heathrow or Bust!

Yesterday I witnessed another hilarious moment in Soho, the area I live in London, For better or worse the streets are full of pedal cycle rickshaw taxis in the evening, picking up tourists for quant rides about town. They career down the road getting in the w… More

Back to the Mountains

Back to the Mountains – On Monday 28th May I’m going to attempt another epic walk, if my ankle holds out. The famous West Highland trail in Scotland between Glasgow and Fort William. 94 miles across some of the most stunning & remote mountain l… More

The Paradox of Probability

Since 2009 I have started my day very early at about 4am and normally tune into the BBC Radio World Service, which I love for its deep and broad ranging analysis of current affairs around the world. I use my iPod ear phones to listen in so I do not disturb my … More

The Power of Mind Over Time

Last night a strange phenomena took place and not for the first time. I woke up from my deepest level of sleep exhausted from a long day’s work. I checked the time on my lovely old cabinet clock next to my bed. It was precisely 1137 pm. I also looked at … More

Bob the Busking Cat

My friend Bob the busking cat. This Evening Standard story encapsulates what I love about this team. I talk to James and Bob regularly near my home in Soho. This is an incredibly heart warming story of two lost souls forming a close bond. Bob the busking… More

Highway To Hell

My first travel article was published this month in the national magazine Lakeland Walker. It recounts the day in 2009 whilst living outdoors in Cumbria, a simple navigation error led to a very long day’s walking! Lakeland Walker Final Article … More

Operations Management Book – “The Art & Science of Making Things Happen”

Last Friday after 5 months work involving 2 hours of writing every day, I finally completed ┬ámy first book. I have poured all my learning and personal experience gathered over a 33 year police career at Scotland Yard into this work. It has been one hell of a … More

Another Surreal Soho Scene

Yesterday I was reminded of the sheer breadth and delight of Soho around me. As I walked out of my courtyard near the Trocadero, Piccadilly Circus I passed the new tattoo artists studio on lower Rupert Street. Before my eyes was the most macabre and bizarre sc… More

Negotiating Master Class

Yesterday I accompanied my Mother to help her with shopping and various appointments in Hereford City Centre. She is 81 years of age, and what followed was a classic situation in which I was reminded just how sharp her mind remains albeit she is very frail and… More

Room to Think

On Sunday I was standing 2000 feet above sea level at the top of Black Hill, in the Black Mountains of Herefordshire in western England. It was a glorious spring day with a clear blue sky, fresh breeze and full sunshine. Visibility was at least 60 miles out ov… More

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