Book Launch – My Story of “Making Things Happen” at Scotland Yard 1976-2009

On 27th November 2012 after 12 months hard work of researching and reflecting on a career spanning 33 years I launched my first ever book at Scotland Yard. I was joined by over 80 friends and former colleagues, many of whom I had not seen for 30 years or more.

My speakers included Lt Colonel Stewart Hill formerly of the Mercian Regiment. Stewart was severely injured in Helmand Province leading 150 of his men against Taliban positions in an isolated valley. After fierce fighting spanning many hours he sustained a terrible head wound whilst organising the evacuation of injured colleagues. His story was graphically told by The Daily Mail who had a journalist embedded in his command unit. It is a story of courage, humility and leadership of the highest order.

My book was written to relay the experience I gained over many years rising from a rather naive junior leader to senior rank overseeing London’s response to gun and gang crime in the 2000′s. The raw brutal reality of management theory meeting reality is told to help those in both the public and private sector. It centres on:

1. How to look after and develop yourself as a manager

2. Getting projects and operations off the ground successfully from a “standing start”

3. Developing a high performance team around you

I truly hope this will help both junior and senior managers alike navigate their way through the minefield of modern organisational reality

See for more information and to place an order for this award winning publication


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