Blog Archive: March 2012

Room to Think

On Sunday I was standing 2000 feet above sea level at the top of Black Hill, in the Black Mountains of Herefordshire in western England. It was a glorious spring day with a clear blue sky, fresh breeze and full sunshine. Visibility was at least 60 miles out ov… More

Ripples in the Water

In May 2010 I was on the move again. I had spent many months since retiring from Scotland Yard roaming the coasts, river valleys and mountains of the UK with just my army bivi bag and stove. These months had been some of the calmest and happiest of my life. Ti… More

New Friends Across the World

The response to my blog has been extraordinary and there is obviously a need for some of the information I am beginning to put out. Please can I ask those that are interested in the coaching aspects of my story to register for the free information sheets on th… More

Web Site Development

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent me messages about my new web site. I hope to get to know each of you well and I am pleased to tell you that many new exciting additions will be arriving over the course of 2012-13. My book on Operations Management wil… More

Gladiatorial Struggle

Gladiatorial Game – Watched my son play for the University Phantoms American Football Team as they held the line against Westminster University in driving rain, snow and near freezing temperatures in Chelmsford. Very technical, physical and demanding. Gr… More

London at Dawn

7am and central London is at that transition point between the night dwellers and the start of the commuter migration. I love this moment and I feel London is mine again. I try to hit the streets and walk about as an early riser. The last clusters of drug deal… More