World Ready

World Ready

  • Designed to coach, mentor and train managers & teams in the skills and key success factors underpinning modern service sector Operations Management
  • The target audience will be Operations Directors, Managers and Executives in the private, public and voluntary service sector
  • World Ready uses the unique experience and skills I built up over 33 years of policing London, which underpin high quality service Operations Management:
    • Building bottom up responsiveness to customer needs
    • The pivotal translation of strategy to operational delivery
    • Building high performance teams
    • Resolving personnel conflict situations
    • Exemplary planning and organising
    • Attention to detail, prioritisation and sequencing of actions
    • Using Joint ventures and partnerships to maximise market opportunities
  • Work shops, self study products and individual face to face/skype sessions will be used to teach and coach these skills
  • DISC psychometric profiling provided to assess individual and team personality traits
  • An assortment of case studies drawn from my career will be used to illustrate the sessions and bring them to life acting as a discussion/analysis focal point
  • Clients will complete the sessions and self help products with a heightened sense of awareness, confidence and focus on what matters to get things moving and completed to a high standard


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James T Cooke
Soho, London