World Safe

World Safe

  • Established to use my extensive knowledge of London and risk management expertise whilst providing highly personalised protection services to visiting VIP’s and their families
  • The target client group will be high profile VIP’s visiting London as tourists, business purposes, official government business or as dignatories

    In particular I will:

    • Plan and organise individual visits which meet exacting standards of security
    • Meet and escort the client and/or family members to various locations associated with work and leisure activity
    • Conduct a full risk assessment process to the visit including location, personal and route security considerations
    • Give the visitor my unique perspective on London built up over 33 years of policing and living in the capital as a Chief Inspector at Scotland Yard
    • Give the visitor a greater level of knowledge around aspects of London’s social history whilst chaperoning them
    • Utilise my extensive police and business network to ensure the visit uses up to date information and back up expertise where required
  • I have Security Industry Authority (SIA) Close Protection accreditation. Trained by Clearwater Special Projects, one of the Worlds top close protection training providers
  • My services will generally be provided on a solo basis meeting the low-medium risk category of work but team cover will be arranged where necessary


Contact Me

James T Cooke
Soho, London